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Land disputes – a kind of relationships associated with resolution of differences arising from the infringement of property rights and land use, and tap or removal of earth that arise between landowners and land users and other individuals, local authorities and public authorities engaged in land management.


The procedure for resolving land disputes



The list of authorized solve land disputes under Art. 158 Land Code of Ukraine, in particular, these include:


  •  courts;
  •  local governments;
  •  central executive body that implements the state policy in the sphere of land relations.


Thus, only by the court resolved disputes over land ownership, use and disposal of land plots owned by individuals and legal entities as well as disputes on the delimitation of areas of villages, towns, cities, districts and regions.



Local governments resolve land disputes within the boundaries of settlements on land that are owned and used by citizens and respect for the citizens of the rules of good neighborliness and disputes over demarcation of boundaries of districts in cities.



The central executive body that implements the state policy in the sphere of land relations, resolve land disputes concerning the boundaries of land outside the settlements, the location restrictions in land use and land easements.




In case of disagreement landowners or land users with the decision of local governments, the central executive body that implements the state policy in the sphere of land relations, the dispute resolved by the court.



Thus, the courts jurisdiction over all land disputes, local authorities and executive authorities on land authorized only to solve some of their species.



In addition, according to the Law of Ukraine “On state control over land use and protection” as amended on 23.02.2012, features on the state control over land use and protection assigned to the State Agricultural Inspection of Ukraine.



Only after settlement of disputes in land relations aforementioned competent authorities or opposition to them in a timely decisions on these matters in accordance with Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine “On Prosecution” checks on applications of natural or legal persons, appeals and requests of deputies of all levels except statements and reports of criminal offenses carried out by prosecutors.



Protecting land rights guaranteed by law. But at the same time between different parties often arise such land disputes:


  • disputes relating to the recognition of land ownership;
  • disputes arising in connection with improper registration of land ownership;
  • conflicts related to the seizure of foreign lands;
  • violation of the rules of good neighborliness;
  • other disputes.



Our lawyers provide professional assistance in the field of land law:


  • registration of various land transactions;
  • partition of land;
  • representation of clients in government and in court proceedings;
  • determine the order land use;
  • other services.


Cost of services is determined individually based on the complexity of the case.
Please contact us for advice.

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