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Invitation for foreigner

Legal visit to Ukraine

Unhindered stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days

Possibility to obtain a visa to enter Ukraine






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You will receive an invitation for foreigners to Ukraine

Expert opinion

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №118 of 01.03.2017. The invitation is issued to foreigners (stateless persons) from countries with whom a visa procedure for entry into our country is established.

The invitation of an alien to Ukraine is a document that is necessary for an alien or a stateless person to obtain a visa to enter Ukraine or to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine.

An invitation for a foreigner (or stateless person) in Ukraine can be both physical and legal persons.

A personal (individual) or business invitation (legal) is the basis for processing a short-term visa (type C) for foreign citizens (stateless persons) to enter Ukraine.

To issue an invitation to Ukraine, you need the following documents:

Для оформление приглашения в Украину, Вам нужны следующие документы:

For an individualFor a legal entity

passport or ID card of a citizen of Ukraine

certificate for permanent or temporary residence (for presentation) and a copy thereof (if the receiving party is a non-resident of Ukraine)

copy of passport or alien’s ID

extract from the unified state register


Juliette Taborskyh

The conditional price of an invitation to a foreigner – from 2500 UAH

Conditional terms – 1 working day



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