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  • Analysis of the Client’s accounting, tax records, identification of missing documents, verification of available documents? on the legality and correctness of registration
  • Processing, systematization of primary documents (invoices, invoices, payment orders, cash reports and orders, etc.)
  • Reconciliation with counterparties, incl. with tax authorities and off-budget funds
  • Preparation and submission of updated tax returns, or overdue accounts
  • Formation of the archive of the electronic base of accounting for the period specified in the Contract

How it works?

  • Order of service
  • Obtaining accounting consultation and document analysis
  • Guaranteed timely delivery of services
  • Full confidentiality of the relationship

Expert opinion:

 The restoration of accounting and documentation is a necessity for the stable and successful operation of the company. Restoration of accounting is a complex and time-consuming procedure that requires high qualification, and practical experience of specialists. The need for such a service may arise from a legal entity or an individual in the event of: the loss or misrepresentation of accounting or tax records, theft or partial (complete) destruction of documentation (not necessarily accounting), etc. The restoration of accounting and tax records represents a comprehensive service to bring primary documentation and registers in accordance with the requirements of the law. The restoration of accounting can be complete or partial (separate accounting areas or transactions).

 Recording services provided by Prikhodko and Partners include the following stages:

  • conclusion of a contract for the restoration of accounting;
  • collection, processing and sorting of primary documents;
  • analysis of the documentation and reporting of the customer, on the basis of which the recovery is carried out;
  • if necessary, a full inventory of stocks, settlements and cash is carried out;
  • directly restore the primary documentation;
  • the database is restored if the database is available;
  • discussion of the necessity and appropriateness of compiling and submitting clarifying accounts;
  • compilation and submission of clarifying tax returns and payments to the tax service.

 After the restoration of the accounting and tax records, consultations on the accounting of the enterprise in the future can be provided as necessary.

 The cost of restoring accounting is determined individually, depending on the complexity of the situation and the volume of forthcoming work.




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