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 We will help solve complex legal issues and disputes in inheritance relations:

 registration of inheritance;

 drawing up a will, a deed of gift, lifelong maintenance;

 minimization of inheritance tax in accordance with applicable law;

 recognition of the right to inheritance (including through the court);

 restoration of the term for acceptance of the inheritance;

 full representation in a court of succession, assistance in collecting evidence, obtaining a court decision and its execution;

 appeal of decisions and actions of a notary public during the execution of an inheritance;

 recognition of the will invalid;

 recognition of the certificate of inheritance invalid;

 issues with the order of inheritance, the degree of kinship;

 distribution of shares in the inheritance, restoration of the right to an obligatory share in the inheritance.

 Additional services to heirs: legal support of the sale process and rentals, search for buyers, property rental.

 The process of registration of the inheritance in Ukraine can be divided into three stages:


• obtaining a certificate of inheritance;

• registration of ownership of the inheritance.

 The legislation of Ukraine provides for two options for the adoption of an inheritance: by will and by law.

  The adoption of an inheritance by law 

 The entry into the inheritance by law occurs in the absence of a will, in the order of succession:

  • parents, children and spouses.
  • siblings of the testator, his grandmother and grandfather, both on the part of the father and mother;
  • persons who have lived with the testator in the same family for at least five years before the opening of the inheritance;
  • relatives of the testator to the sixth degree of kinship inclusive.

 When the heirs of the first stage are absent, or refuse to register the inheritance – the right to inheritance passes to the heirs of the next stage.

 There are also persons who are entitled to a mandatory share in the inheritance.

  Adoption of an inheritance: by will 

 A will can cover both all property and part of it, and the heirs of the will can be any individuals and legal entities, regardless of family or family ties with the testator. In some cases, the inheritance may occur both under the law and in the will (for example, if the will concerns only part of the estate of the testator).

 Entry into the inheritance can occur automatically (without submitting any documents), as well as upon a written application of the heir.

 Be careful! An application for inheritance is filed in two ways: directly to the notary or sent by mail. The application to the notary is submitted personally, at the place of residence of the testator. In the case of sending by mail, such a statement must be notarized.

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