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 Identification number, tax code, registration card of an individual – tax payer … There are many “names” for this number, but the essence is the same.

 According to the legislation of Ukraine, to ensure control over persons obligated to pay taxes and fees in the manner and conditions provided for by the Tax Code of Ukraine and other regulatory legal acts, as well as to create equal conditions and control by the relevant authorities of the correctness of accruals, completeness and timeliness of tax payments , accrual of financial sanctions, as well as to follow tax and other legislation, a state register was created to record such persons. This registry contains information about the subject in the form of a combination of 10 digits – a code. Each figure has semantic information about a particular person. Two identical identification codes do not exist in the registry.

 When does a foreigner need an identification code?

✔ when applying for a job

✔ when doing business

✔ upon registration or acquisition of real estate

✔ upon admission to educational institutions

✔ when issuing permits

 Where should I go about obtaining an identification code?

 According to the law, foreigners or a stateless person must submit the necessary documents to get the code to the territorial authority of the SFS in the city of Kiev, for example, and those foreigners who have a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine also have the right to apply for it to the regional tax inspectorate in place registration of his place of residence in Ukraine, according to information, in a residence permit.

 Registration of foreigners or a stateless person  and the issue of a card with a number to them is carried out in relation to those people who are on the territory of Ukraine legally, the list of which is provided by law.

 You can get your identification code within 3 business days from the date of submission of documents for registration and receipt of a tax payer account.

The procedure for issuing an identification code

 For registration of an identification code for a foreigner, for the first time, the following documents are required:

  • original passport;
  • the original translation into Ukrainian of a foreign passport with notarization;
  • if it is impossible for the foreigner to be personally present when submitting documents to the tax authority, a notarized power of attorney for the representative, be sure to indicate the exact authority “to issue the tax payer’s account card”;
  • copy of the page of a foreign passport with a mark on the last entry into the territory of Ukraine.

 If a foreigner has a temporary or permanent residence permit with the specified place of residence in Ukraine (form 13 or a seal in the form of an old-style residence permit), it is also necessary to provide a copy of the residence permit with registration of the place of residence and present the original (documents are submitted personally )

 It seemed that it is worth issuing an identification code? Nothing complicated. But even in this small action you can get confused and make a lot of mistakes. Contact the specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. We will do everything for you!

Author: Tatiana Petryk

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