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Contact the state registrar or notary who will issue two copies of the application to obtain the ownership. On these copies you and the notary have to sign. After that, one copy of the application remains with you and another one is filed with you along with other documents for state registration of rights.

After signing, the notary registers the application in the database. From that moment on, the application is considered accepted.
Documents to be submitted for registration of rights:
• statement
• passport
• identification code
• contract of sale, gift, etc.
• a document confirming payment of the administrative fee
The above documents are submitted in originals. After that the notary makes electronic copies of the necessary documents.
After examining the application and documents, the notary and the registrar make the decision – to approve your application or refuse registration of rights.
If the application is satisfied, the registrar shall submit the relevant information to the electronic State Register of Real Estate Rights. It is the only information system that processes, stores and provides information on registered real estate rights. Therefore, property rights are considered registered if the decision is published in the State Register.
You can check the information from the State Register of Rights yourself. To do this, you need to register on the site using your personal data – identification code or passport number.

Author: Mykola Baranovsky

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