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The basic steps you need to take to start a private home.

 «How to put into operation a private house built in accordance with the requirements of current legislation? It is a question of individual (manor) houses up to 500 square meters. m, garden country houses not higher than 2 floors (without attic floor) up to 500 square meters. m and outbuildings, garages, landscaping and landscaping elements that were built on the construction passport and notified of the commencement of construction work.

Therefore, the first step for the owner is to obtain a passport for the home. You can apply for a passport by contacting a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur providing services related to the creation of architectural objects and conclude a contract. Prerequisite – such persons must pass professional certification and have a qualification certificate for the right to carry out technical inventory. The specialist must carry out a technical inventory, verify the data of the construction passport to the house and transfer it to the technical passport, noting all the changes.

The second step is to file a declaration. It is necessary to submit a copy of the completed declaration of readiness of the house for commissioning into the local structural unit of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, either through the local CNAP, or by sending directly a registered letter describing the investments.

“The local DABI unit reviews the documents within 10 working days of its submission. It is free. Compulsory element of registration of the declaration of readiness of the object for operation – entry in the technical passport of the object “commissioned”.

Assigning an address is another important step.

You can do this:

– when obtaining a building passport for building a plot of land or urban planning conditions and restrictions for building a plot of land;

– upon receipt of a document granting the right to perform construction works;

– after the object has been commissioned.

If the address is assigned after commissioning, the following documents must be prepared:

– a copy (ownership of the land or the right to use the land plot certified by the notary or the organization that issued the original);

– completed declaration of readiness of the facility for operation;

– a copy of the geodetic survey of the site (it can be obtained by contacting the territorial branch of the State Geocadastre, or in the relevant structural unit in the local government);

– a copy of the data sheet (certified by a notary or the originator).

You should contact your local CNAP, or directly at your local government. The decision on the assignment of the address is made by the local government within 5 working days.

Author: Mykola Baranovsky

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