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Selling goods over the Internet is gaining momentum. However, no one is safe from all kinds of shopping scams.
Usually dissatisfied buyers do not know how to return money after cheating on the internet and only write bad reviews. Unfortunately, the complete anonymity of sellers guarantees them impunity.

Still, there is one way to get money back into your bank card.
As explained in the Department of Justice in the Lviv region, in order to return the money to the card in case of misconduct of the online seller must be done chardzhbek.
To do so, you must apply to the bank to dispute the transaction. Some banks provide their own application templates.
Money can be refunded if the item is not delivered, is a forgery or does not match what was stated on the site.
The Chartback tool is only available for Visa or MasterCard payment systems.
Other cases where a chipback can be made: the amount was written off twice; the amount written off is greater than the declared value of the goods; the card is written off the amount for goods that the owner did not buy; the ATM did not give out money, but wrote off the card.
The Chardzhebak is refused if the payment was made more than 540 days ago, by cash or direct transfer, or from card to card.
An application (in Ukrainian and English) is submitted to obtain the Chardzhbek; evidence (correspondence with the seller before the conflict, correspondence on social networks, contract, screenshots); correspondence with the seller after a conflict situation (evidence that the cardholder was trying to resolve the situation with the seller) and a bank statement.
It should be noted that recently a bill was introduced in BP, which provides for the full refund of the goods, if the seller did not issue a check.

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