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 On the online platform of legal and accounting consultants Consultant, a rather interesting question was described: “How to get social support for a needy family?”

 Social protection of citizens is one of the most important areas of public policy. In Ukraine, it is now possible to receive social support not only for single parents, but also for those who are married.

 State social assistance to the needy is assigned and paid in cash to low-income families who are permanently resident in Ukraine and have an average monthly total income below the subsistence level for the family.

 Appointment and payment of social assistance is carried out by the departments of labor and social protection of the population of district state administrations, structural units on labor and social protection of the population of executive bodies of city, district and city councils.

 Social assistance is appointed within one month from the moment of application.

 Getting social support

 To obtain a social assistance appointment, you must contact the Department of Labor and Social Welfare at your place of residence and submit the following documents:

  • statement, the form of which is approved by the Ministry of Social Policy,
  • a document certifying the identity of the authorized representative of the family;
  • certificate of family composition;
  • a declaration of income and property (to be filled in on the basis of income statements of each family member);
  • certificate on the presence and size of the land share.

 The amount of social assistance

 The legislation stipulates that low-income families are entitled to financial support. According to Art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine “On State Social Assistance to Low-Income Families”, the amount of financial assistance for a needy family cannot exceed 75 percent of the subsistence level. It should also be noted that for every child in a poor family the level of subsistence is increased by 10 percent.

 It should be noted that social assistance can be reduced to 50 percent of its size if the family does not use the opportunity to find additional sources of livelihood.

 Social assistance is appointed for a period of six months.

 Payment of social assistance

 Social assistance is paid once a month at the place of registration (actual residence) of the authorized representative of the family by state-owned enterprises and communications associations or is transferred to the personal account of the authorized representative of the family at the bank of his choice.

 The payment of previously prescribed social assistance shall cease:

  • If the family concealed or intentionally provided false information about their income and financial position, which influenced the establishment of the right to social assistance and the determination of its amount, as a result of which the excess payments were paid, from the month in which the violation was detected;
  • In case of moving of a family to another locality and occurrence of circumstances that make it impossible to pay social assistance
  • According to the statement of the authorized representative of the family – from the month following the month of its submission, unless otherwise stated in the statement.

Author: Vladimir Pipko

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