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 Finding a criminal lawyer is not difficult, it is much more difficult to find a lawyer in criminal cases, the right, ie qualified, high-quality specialist in the field of criminal law, who can provide real help.

 According to Art. 45 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the defense counsel is a lawyer who defends the suspect, accused, convicted, acquitted, a person in respect of whom the application of coercive measures of medical or educational nature or decided on their application, and a person in respect of whom the issue of extradition foreign state (extradition).

Consider what qualities a criminal lawyer should have

✔ Availability of higher legal education and experience

 Ask a lawyer when and what school he graduated from. Where and when he worked after graduation.

✔ Decency

 In order to find a decent criminal lawyer, you can, as everyone does, call your friends and acquaintances in order to clarify this issue. You can look on the Internet for available offers and feedback on specific individuals who provide the services of a lawyer in criminal cases. It is necessary to visit several specialists in criminal cases and talk to them, because working with a person with whom you are uncomfortable to communicate, you will soon get bored, and the manner of behavior of a lawyer will help you understand how obligatory, responsible, energetic, smart and what others the qualities are possessed by the lawyer in criminal cases to whom you addressed.

✔ Literacy

 Finding a competent lawyer in criminal cases is not easy. Many legal professionals provide legal assistance in the protection of rights in criminal proceedings, but not all of them have the necessary skills and experience in law enforcement practice in this area. When deciding how to find a criminal lawyer who has a sufficient level of knowledge and practice, it is necessary to consider the following parameters:

– a criminal lawyer must have practice in investigative bodies, the prosecutor’s office or the court (specialization in criminal cases);

– a lawyer in criminal cases is obliged to have the status of a lawyer, without the status of a lawyer a lawyer has no right to provide defense services in criminal cases, and to use the help of such a specialist is impractical and even dangerous;

– A good lawyer in criminal cases must have some experience in human rights activities.

✔ Responsibility

 Responsibility is a very important quality not only for a lawyer, but for anyone. Liability can be judged by many factors, from punctuality in meetings to the requirements for documents that a lawyer will ask you to do.

 Remember the main thing, protection in a criminal case is very responsible, painstaking and long work, therefore it is necessary to choose from the first day the expert possessing necessary qualities and knowledge.

Author: Andrey Kubov

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