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Housing disputes


Housing disputes – is very complex and very conflicting relationships associated with the housing issues. Housing law includes many fine points are not taken into account – means losing business. This area requires not only highly qualified lawyer or a lawyer, but also rich experience of doing business.



The most common residential cases before the courts, the following:


  • disputes about the recognition of property rights to housing;
  • disputes relative change in the lease of premises (section personal accounts);
  • disputes about the removal of obstacles in the use of property;
  • disputes over the distribution of housing;
  • disputes concerning eviction universe in the living room and others.



Most lawyers with housing issues facing the following tasks:


 Removal from the register of / check-out.

In the event that the defendant no longer live in an apartment, not paying absolutely no utility bills, and the apartment owned by the claimant as private property – in such cases, lawyers for help filing a claim directly to court you provide judgment on the removal of the former family member (another person) of the register of apartments and eviction without providing other housing areas.


Termination of contracts of sale flats.

Failure to deal with party obligations prescribed in the contract of sale apartments, for example, when a customer has not paid the price of the apartment and did not accept the property, composed the act of reception and transmission apartments, recommended to seek protection of their rights to housing lawyer .




 Forced contracts of sale of apartments.
Thus, if the parties have entered into a preliminary agreement for the purchase and sale of apartments, and the seller refused to enter the main Contract, the buyer has the right to go to court, presenting a claim to the Seller on encouraging the latter to conclude the main contract of sale of his property.



If your violation of the right to housing or disrupted by third parties if you want to illegally evict or unlawfully evicted or did not have another dwelling we can help you!
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