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 The complexity of fraud cases makes the professionalism and experience of a lawyer the key factors that often determine the outcome of a case. By contacting Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, you can rest assured that the best fraud lawyers will be involved in the defense. We help citizens to defend their rights in this category of criminal proceedings.

 In fraud cases, the stage at which a lawyer joins the defense is of paramount importance. In this case, the criminal lawyer can initially build an optimal line of defense, protect the client from errors and deception when giving evidence, prevent the involvement of some evidence. Predict and influence the outcome of the case. If the materials are brought to court, it is several times more difficult. Fraud in many respects is similar to crimes in the sphere of economy, but due to the presence of peculiarities only in this category of features and the specifics of such cases, lawyers distinguish them from the category of economic crimes.

 The key difference between fraud cases is their volume and complexity. A large number of identical episodes and a significant number of individuals are characteristic. The legal status of participants in criminal proceedings may change several times during the investigation. In determining the penalty for fraud, the court proceeds from the amount of damages and the circumstances of the case.

 The most severe punishment is imposed in the case of:

a) performing fraud in the organized group;

b) actions by prior agreement;

c) deception using official position.

 Importantly! When choosing the type and size of the sentence, the judge may take into account the defendant’s personality, the presence of mitigating circumstances, remorse, etc. A good fraud lawyer is sure to create a favorable image of his client and provide maximum mitigating circumstances for his fault. The amount of damages is the main criterion for sentencing.

 In the event that it is not possible to drop the charges or to obtain an acquittal due to objective circumstances or a late appeal for legal protection, a good fraud lawyer will help to re-qualify part of the article.

 To determine the optimal line of defense in cases initiated under Art. 190 of the Criminal Code, the lawyer is important knowledge of all the circumstances, therefore, an own investigation is conducted, on the basis of which a defense strategy is developed and the prospects and potential risks are determined.

The main procedural tasks of the lawyer are:

  • Development of legal position and preparation for testimony;
  • Preparation of documentation;
  • Release from custody;
  • Preparing the client for interrogations and other investigative actions;
  • Control during investigative activities;
  • Preparation and submission of proof of innocence of the client;
  • Protesting the crime itself, as well as the testimony of witnesses and victims;
  • Working in court.

 Contact the law firm “Prikhodko & Partners” – we will gladly help you.

Author: Andrey Kubov

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