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Exemptions from the list of risky entities

  Criteria of pay-offs of the payee platters are established by sheet № 21.03.18 p № 959 / 99-99-07-18 (dal – Sheet No. 959). Naybilsh often on a practical pay-per-click payer is presented to the warehouse of rizikov on p_dstavі criteria, listed in paragraph 1.6 of Sheet № 959.

 At the payee PDV, which, having recognized its status, is aware of problems due to the restoration of NN and RK, the system has been automated. Moreover, in practice, as a rule, I submit to such payers in the blocking of the NI and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and therefore the frequent commissions are often to be criticized. Obviously, the status of rizikovs can be denied to absolutely innocent payers of incomes, for example, it’s possible to strangle yak registered payers of maximum payable income of 3 months.

 How to find a way out of this situation?

  Up to paragraph 13, paragraph 1.6. Criteria of the payer of the payroll, at times there is a payer of payments, contributions to the paycheck of state grants, ceasing to be subject to the criterion of paycheck, at the same time rіshennyam komіsіy head management DFS in the areas, m. Kyiv and Ofisu of the great payers DATS payable on the payroll of the payer.

 Lawyers of our company to prepare for the commission before the commission of the DFS and the health of the supervisor at the same time as the provision of information on the exclusion of the number of riznikovyh platnikov. In the case of a vipadka, I’ve rejected the Vidovi commisi of the DFS – it’s appealable of the court order.

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