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Enforcement of judgments


Constitution of Ukraine (ch. 5, Art. 124) stipulates that judicial decisions are adopted name of Ukraine and are binding throughout the territory of Ukraine.



Court decisions, which became final, binding on all state authorities and local governments, enterprises, institutions, organizations, officials or officials and citizens and are enforceable throughout the territory of Ukraine, and in cases established by international agreements, in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – and abroad (Art. 14).




If the court decided in your favor, and the borrower has not paid the debt and what to do next?


Unfortunately, the court win does not mean that the judgment turns once. In most cases, it is necessary to treat an executive document to the state executive service for the recovery of debt enforcement. Very often you can meet that the submission of executive documents, we can turn our neznaty when decisions and how. Execution of the judgment involves a number of activities. Most public performer can not hold all executive actions that he could or should conduct under the legislation of Ukraine.



We will help you with the solution of this issue!



The list of our services includes:


  • Legal advice creditors and debtors under the Law of Ukraine “On Enforcement Proceedings”;
  • Writing applications for submission of executive documents for internal combustion engines;
  • Inspection of enforcement proceedings;
  • Explanations and arguments (both orally and in writing) with issues that arise during the execution of the judgment;
  • Writing applications, requests, petitions;
  • The appeal of illegal actions or inaction of bailiffs;
  • Support enforcement proceedings and in control of foreclosure, the release of property from arrest, seizure of cash and other;
  • At a place of execution;
  • Full control over the execution of the judgment on human recipient or the debtor.



Our lawyers advise and help you draw up the necessary documents, as well as help determine the course of action for fast execution of court decisions.


Cost of services -zalezhyt the complexity of the case.

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