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Disputes in the sphere of economic activity


Economic activity – is a socially useful activity of business entities for production of products, works and services in order to implement them for a fee (as a product), based on a combination of private and public interests is carried out professionally and undergoes significant regulation to social direction of the economy.




This is reflected in the Commercial Code, Art. 6 which establishes general principles of management:



  • ensuring economic diversity and equal protection of all government entities;
  • freedom of business activity within the limits set by law; “Free movement of capital, goods and services in Ukraine;
  • deregulation of the economy in connection with provision of social orientation of economy, fair competition in business, environmental protection, consumer protection and safety of society and the state;
  • protection of domestic producers;
  • prohibition of illegal interference of public authorities and local governments and their officials in economic relations.



According to Article 1 of the Commercial Code of Ukraine enterprises, institutions, organizations and other legal entities (including foreign) nationals engaged in entrepreneurial activities without establishing a legal entity and duly acquired the status of a business entity shall have the right to appeal commercial court “, and in cases stipulated by legislative acts of Ukraine, the commercial court are entitled to also contact the state and other bodies, individuals who are not subjects of Entrepreneurship, vein activities.



Our lawyers provide legal assistance in these types of business sproriv (economic affairs), relating to:


  • change of terms or termination of contracts;
  • failure or improper performance of obligations;
  • recognition of property rights;
  • protection of property rights violations;
  • damages;
  • recovery of property from illegal possession;
  • invalidation (in whole or in part) and other acts of state bodies that do not meet the laws and normative legal acts and violating the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens.



Our lawyers provide the following services:


  • preparation and analysis of contracts;
  • representing clients in courts of various instances;
  • drafting claims to economic courts, appeals, petitions, applications, appeals, etc;
  • court settlement of commercial disputes;
  • oral and written legal advice of counsel.



One of the main activities of our lawyers in economic affairs is representing clients in commercial courts. Lawyers of our law firm have extensive experience representing cases in hospodarkyh OJEC and confidentiality in cooperation that will ensure a successful and effective protection of your interests in commercial disputes.


Cost of services is determined individually based on the complexity of the case.
Please contact us for advice.

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