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Corporate disputes

Corporate dispute – is considered the dispute between the entity and its members (founders, shareholders, members), including a member who retired, and between the members (founders, shareholders, members) of the legal entity associated with the creation, activity management and termination of such persons other than labor disputes.



Examples of corporate disputes are:


  • cases involving contesting a decision (or act) hosptovarystva sole authority;
  • cases involving contesting a decision (or act) hosptovarystva collegial body;
  • proceedings against termination of powers of economic societies or their members;
  • cases concerning compensation for damage is caused hosptovarystvu his body in the conduct and management of current affairs;
  • proceedings against party providing unbiased information management community about the activities of the company;
  • cases involving data of property of legal entities;
  • cases relating to payment of dividends;
  • case for the recognition of the right to share or interest in property of the above hosptovarystva;
  • cases concerning inheritance of a specific share or a business entity;
  • cases involving improper disposal of company assets;
  • other types of corporate disputes.






Corporate dispute resolution procedure is possible only one way: to prepare a claim (and in some cases – pre and claims) and feed it into a district (in the case of heirs) or business (in all other cases) courts.



In any case, before filing suit our attorney conduct preliminary consultation on how best to adjudication of corporate disputes and agree any further steps. Doing business as possible under the – from the preparation of papers to obtain a court decision and support individual steps: writing a claim or representation in court.



Term support corporate dispute depends primarily on the case and will be updated in the primary attorney consultation.

The costs of corporate disputes in courts – depends on many factors, principles of price formation depends on the complexity of the case.

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