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Consumer rights protection


Consumer protection – law guaranteed control over the quality and safety of products and all kinds of services and works with the government, public and social movement in support of it.




Consumer protection – an integral part of human rights.



Consumers when purchasing, ordering or using products that are sold in Ukraine, to meet their personal needs are entitled to:


  • protection of their rights by the state;
  • proper quality of products and services;
  • security products;
  • necessary, affordable, reliable and timely information about the product, its quantity, quality, range, and its manufacturer (performer, seller);
  • compensation for damage (damage) caused by defective or counterfeit products or poor quality products as well as material and moral (non-property) damage caused danger to life and health products in the cases provided by law;
  • going to court and other authorized state authorities to protect the violated rights;
  • unite in public organizations of consumers (union of consumers).



The function of consumer protection in the Kiev region, as in other regions of Ukraine, assigned to the regional departments of consumer protection, the right to appeal to having each and every citizens of our country. However, most of our citizens, bought a faulty product or service provided in good faith paid, do not rush to defend their rights, thus encouraging unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers. Such consumer behavior due to the presence of a huge number of regulations, the essence of which must penetrate to prove their case.




We will help you return the money spent, replace the poor quality product for the same quality product to attract the offender accountable, to achieve compensation for moral damages.



Within the framework of consumer protection, our lawyers provide our legal services are:


  • preparation of applications, complaints and reports of violations of the rights of consumers to competent authorities;
  • assistance in the peaceful settlement of disputes without litigation, drafting a settlement agreement, representation of clients in the pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • negotiating with entities (manufacturers of defective products, or services performers, sellers of goods, etc.) on the
  • voluntary elimination of violations of consumer rights and their recovery;
  • drawing up a claim to court;
  • representation of clients in court and at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
  • advice on any matters relating to consumer protection.



Cost of services is determined individually based on the complexity of the case.
Please contact us for advice.

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