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  E-Declaration is one of the mandatory elements of the public service.

  Violation of terms and filling in the E-Declaration is to bring the person to administrative responsibility and making information about it in the register of persons who committed offence associated with corruption. Filing declaration, a number of contentious issues, the answer to which is not always possible to find in the legislation. However, to date anti-corruption legislation has significant amounts, other than the Law of Ukraine «On Corruption Prevention» is the number of Subordinate explanation and other regulations governing the declaration. In view of this, each may have questions about the accuracy and appropriateness of bringing information to the electronic declaration.

  With considering indicated we advise you on:

  • What are the types of returns when they should be presented and what they cover the period;
  • Should submit an annual declaration and the declaration before the termination of activities related to the performance of functions State or local government;
  • He is considered «officers»;
  • Who are the officers who hold responsible and particularly responsible position;
  • What positions are for positions with high risks of corruption;
  • How to fill out a declaration if family members refuse to provide necessary information subject to declaration declaring;
  • As reflected in the return information about objects that are jointly owned;
  • Do I need to re-specify the data itself as a co-owner of the property when filling section declaration to members of his family, once led his data and their owners in completing a section declaration on itself;
  • What objects must be declared in the «Corporate law»;
  • How to fill estate objects (objects of the incomplete construction) movable and immovable property.
  • What financial commitments are recorded in the declaration;
  • Memberships have unions (organizations) should be reflected in the declaration;
  • Under what form, and how should give notice of significant changes in the property status of the entity declaration;
  • Responsibility for submitting false information.

* The list of questions are general and may vary in each individual situation

* Consultation can be oral or written

* The cost of consultation is determined in each case individually


 You advise the managing partner of law firm «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS», lawyer, Ph.D., doctoral student research (Constitutional and legal mechanism to prevent corruption in Ukraine), deputy chairman of the WTO Anti-Corruption Committee, UBA, an expert on corruption prevention and investigation of malfeasance – Andrey Prikhodko.

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