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Consultant Аpp

The modern day man is faced with various difficulties that arise in the process of business management and in everyday life in general. Of course, a person cannot know by heart the whole legal framework, and so solving a problem takes a lot of time and effort and does not always come to the right decision.

In this regard, in 2019 in Ukraine our company launched a new mobile application “CONSULTANT”.

This startup is available at (as well as in the App store and Google play under the name “CONSULTANT”).

THE CONSULTANT is an opportunity for anyone to get legal and / or accounting advice through the Mobile Application via mobile phone, as well as get contact information about a specialist to solve a specific problem. At the same time, it is an opportunity for lawyers, lawyers, law firms, accountants and accounting firms to provide online consulting services as well as advertising services for their activities in order to obtain potential clients. Services are provided through a technological platform based on a marketplace platform that enables Portal users to advise clients on legal and / or accounting issues and to provide legal and / or accounting services to third party third party service providers of the Services using the Mobile Application.

          The consultants in this application are highly qualified lawyers, lawyers and accountants from all over Ukraine. Thanks to this, the Client receives the right answer to his / her questions in a short time without leaving home.

Not only does this program save time, it also saves money. Today, consulting a lawyer, a lawyer costs a lot of money, so not everyone can afford it. This app will help you avoid unwanted financial wastage both at the time of problem and in the future.

Also, the advantages of this project are that the CONSULTANT is implemented as a self-supporting structure without the intervention of the project administration. Yes, a person through a mobile phone can get legal advice from all specialists in the field, then a person can choose a specialist in a specific area of ​​law and in a particular city. This ensures maximum efficiency and a positive result.

Project implementation rates are as follows, over 700 people downloaded mobile apps in 2 weeks of test mode, an average of 10 consultations per day, a budget of $ 300 for promotion, a mobile app rating in the App store and Google play in 2 weeks rose to the top downloads .

The relevance of this project is confirmed by the statistics of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine:

“Yes, there are almost 720,000 free legal aid cases in 2018, of which almost 90% are civil and administrative assistance. Most referrals to the system (almost 77%) are for advice on how to solve current legal problems. 9 out of 10 people who approached local centers and legal aid offices needed advice “source – -rotsi

So do not waste your time and register in the online application “Consultant”, where qualified specialists from all over Ukraine, thanks to their knowledge, will quickly provide the necessary information, saving your time.

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