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In Ukraine, there is a legal procedure established by law, which defines the main circumstances when a child needs confirmation of citizenship.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship”: “Children born on the territory of Ukraine are citizens of Ukraine”.

If both parents of a born child have Ukrainian citizenship, in this case, the confirmation of citizenship for the child is unnecessary.

However, when one of the parents is a citizen of Ukraine, and the other is a foreigner, or both parents are foreigners and they are legally residing in the territory of the state. In such marriages, children born on the territory of Ukraine issue a birth certificate.

A newborn’s certificate is not an automatic obtaining of citizenship of Ukraine. In the future, the procedure for confirming the citizenship of Ukraine, based on which the certificate is issued to parents, is required for such children.

Also, the procedure for confirming Ukrainian citizenship applies also to children born abroad, to foreigners without Ukrainian citizenship, but who are legally residing in its territory, refugee children.

This certificate is required to issue a passport for a child in case of traveling abroad. And also in the future, this document will serve as the basis for a child when he or she reaches the age of obtaining a passport and choosing one of the parents’ nationality.

It is also necessary for the parents of such a child if they want to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of their Ukrainian citizenship

To obtain such a certificate, you need to go through the legal procedure established by the Law of Ukraine.

Certificate of registration by a citizen of Ukraine is issued and issued by the territorial body of the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The application is submitted by one of the child’s parents at the place of residence.

Our experienced lawyers will conduct an individual consultation on the availability of grounds for confirming the citizenship of your child, as well as explaining the whole procedure for confirmation. Help in a short time collect a complete package of documents for this procedure.

Under the joint ownership of the managing partner of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS Andriy Prykhodky and the head of the migration department “PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS” Yulia Taborskyh.

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