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 Need to evaluate the activity of the company for compliance with the laws of Ukraine?

 Are you unsure about your compliance with the law?

 Want to do legal analysis of internal and business documents?

  The best solution to this task is to provide the appropriate professionals with a range of professional services for legal audit of activities!

  Correct assessment of the current state of your enterprise from the point of view of law is the ability to detect and correct errors and inaccuracies in the legally significant documentation of your enterprise in a timely manner. Legal analysis (audit) requires a comprehensive approach and a thorough analysis.

 Of course, it is possible to deal with the current state of the enterprise for compliance with the current legislation on its own, but the involvement of third-party specialists, in addition to a professional approach, will bring a fresh perspective on the existing practice of the enterprise, which is sometimes more important purely legal analysis.

  It should be noted that an independent attempt to conduct a legal analysis of the activity and documents of the company is:

How we work:

✔ Legal audit of the corporate situation in the enterprise

(The analysis of issues related to the creation of the enterprise, analysis of constituent documents and other internal corporate acts, issues of issue and placement of shares, acquisition of shares and legitimacy of ownership, structure of management bodies, their competence and actual activity, the history of the general meeting and the legality of the decisions taken);

✔ Legal audit of the commercial activity of the enterprise

(The analysis of the legality of the activity and schemes of work of the enterprise for compliance with the legislation, the need to obtain licenses, certificates and special permits provided for by law);

✔ Legal audit of the management and personnel system

(The internal documents of the enterprise regulating labor and other relations within the organization are checked; the documents regulate the activity of the organization and its structural units. As well as the analysis of labor relations for legality and possible conflicts);

✔ Legal audit of contractual practice

(Legal assessment of the contracts of the enterprise as already signed and projects. Identification of risks of default of counterparties, risks of claims of counterparties, risks of tax penalties);

✔ Legal audit of the real estate of the enterprise

(An examination of the legal status of the movable and immovable property of the enterprise and the used land resources is carried out. Analysis of the tax and legal history of the appearance of the property).

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