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Comprehensive tender support of the participant (supplier)

Since the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” in 2015, the business had an excellent opportunity to increase sales volumes at the expense of large government orders. To date, any company can participate in electronic procurement. All that is needed is access to the Internet and the ability to fulfill the conditions put forward by the customer. Becoming a participant in procurement, the supplier opens new markets for itself, including regional ones. Participation in public tenders helps to assess the level of competitiveness of their business and provides a way to a new stage in its development. However, in order to participate in public procurement, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of the procedures that have emerged from the introduction of the electronic procurement system.

PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS is a law firm specializing in the service of participants in public procurement. We give the opportunity to save money, to equip the workplace of a lawyer, pay wages, taxes and various types of fees. Our reputation is confirmed by the successful experience of providing legal services in the field of public procurement.

We help tenderers to correctly compile and timely submit a tender in the Prozorro system, to master the work with the portal of public procurement, to calculate the risks, to timely identify unlawful or incorrect requirements of the customer in the tender documentation and to influence it legally.

An important aspect of our company’s activity is compulsory reporting to the client about the work done. Thus, the client receives a mandatory weekly report and a report on the results of each purchase by e-mail or telephone.

Tender accompaniment of a participant by our company is conditionally consists of three stages and includes the following services:


 – creation of a personal cabinet of the participant;

 – analysis of the capacity and specificity of the client to determine the category of procurement;

 – monitoring of active procurement announcements according to client’s specialization;

 – monitoring of tenders with the participation of competitors;

 – analysis of specific ads to determine the prospects of participation in the procurement;

 – questioning the customer to clarify the terms of purchase;

 – writing requirements to the customer to eliminate shortcomings or discriminatory criteria for bidding documents.


 – preparation of tender offer documents in accordance with the requirements of the announcement;

 – loading of tender offer documents on the web-portal;

 – support during the auction;

 – preparation of documents of the tender offer of the winner according to the requirements of the announcement;

 – upload documents for the winner on the web portal;

 – legal support for the signing of the contract.


 – writing requirements to the customer to disqualify the bidder;

 – writing a complaint to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to eliminate the discriminatory terms of tender documentation or appeal to the winner of the procurement;

 – writing of official appeals to the State Audit Office of Ukraine, Dozorro, public organizations regarding revealed violations during the procurement or execution of the contract;

 – Initiation before the law enforcement authorities of criminal proceedings to compensate for the damage and losses.

The subscription fee for the full legal support of the participant is UAH 8000 per month. (+ 1% of the amount of the contract for the successful tender for goods and services, but not less than UAH 1000 + 0,5% of the contract amount for the successful tender for works, but not less than UAH 3000).

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