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How it works?

  • Order of service 
  • Obtaining accounting consultation and document analysis
  • Guaranteed timely performance of services.

Expert opinion:

 Professional accounting services companies – one of the key areas of our activities. We provide financial security by building a full-fledged accounting system. Legality and effectiveness of methods, completeness and reliability of reporting. The rules for setting the accounting system depend on the organizational form of the enterprise, the tax regime, and other parameters. Representatives of small businesses have the right to use the privilege and move to simplified mechanisms. The order of exemption from the obligation to maintain accounting in Kiev does not differ from all-Ukrainian. Completely to refuse from documentation it is impossible. The professional lawyers do not recommend neglecting the system of control over the movement of funds and property.

 Individual approach and flexible pricing policy makes the offer especially relevant for small and medium-sized businesses. Cooperation is built taking into account the interests of the client. Priorities in the choice of accounting methods of the organization are legality and legal security. The customer receives guarantees of compliance with all applicable standards, as well as guarantees against claims.

 The service is provided to both legal entities and entrepreneurs.

 In working with clients, we also rely on the requirements of civil law, materials of judicial practice, in-house documents and methodological recommendations.



Notional prices:

Comprehensive accounting (month) Comprehensive accounting (quarter) Comprehensive accounting (year)
from 4000 UAH. from 10 000 UAH. from 60 000 UAH.
Keeping a book of income and expenses Private negotiation



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