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Citizenship of Ukraine

✔ The right to obtain a biometric passport ID

✔ Unhindered entry and exit to EU countries

✔ The right to a free plot of land on the territory of Ukraine

✔ Possibility of getting an education in Ukraine

✔ Official employment and business registration


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Expert opinion

The procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for foreigners and stateless persons contains dozens of nuances that are not visible to the armed eye. Without the help of professionals and experts in the field of migration law, this procedure can last for many years

To facilitate and accelerate the process, you need to use the services of professional lawyers

There are statutory opportunities for the rapid receipt of Ukrainian citizenship

Many confirmations from the migration service

Depending on the category and the grounds for receipt, the number and list of documents may vary

Conditions for obtaining Ukrainian Citizenship
  • recognition of the Constitution of Ukraine
  • continuous residence in the territory of the state for at least five years (2 years in the case of marriage with a citizen of Ukraine)
  • certificate of free knowledge of the Ukrainian language
  • availability of funds for own maintenance
  • legal stay on the territory of Ukraine
  • presence of an immigration permit or permanent residence permit
  • willingness to renounce your country’s citizenship
  • absence of convictions for grave and especially grave crimes

Grounds for obtaining Citizenship of Ukraine

  • territorial origin
  • birth in Ukraine
  • adoption in the citizenship of Ukraine
  • restoration in the citizenship of Ukraine
  • adoption, establishment of custody or guardianship by Ukrainian citizens
  • one of the child’s parents is a Ukrainian citizen
  • the establishment or recognition of the fact that the Ukrainian is the parent
  • other grounds on the basis of international treaties

Who can not obtain Ukrainian citizenship?

Despite the relative loyalty on the part of Ukraine, some categories of individuals can not obtain a Ukrainian passport for the following reasons

  • The foreigner was involved in the facts of genocide, a crime against humanity, inhuman or cruel treatment of people
  • Commitment of a grave or especially grave crime that was committed on the territory of Ukraine or the native country of the alien
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