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Anti-corruption measures

Protection of corruption criminal proceedings

21.04.2017 18:58

 According to Article 45 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine corruption offenses under the Code are considered crimes under Articles 191, 262, 308, 312, 313, 320, 357, 410, if it was committed by abuse of authority, as well as crimes under Articles 210 , 354, 364, 364-1, 365-2, 368-369-2 of the Code.


Representing subjects declaring in court and NАPC

21.04.2017 16:54

 Law enforcement agencies are active fight against corruption, resulting in a person, regardless of the type of activity may become a defendant in the corruption case, even without the intention of illicit enrichment or receiving undue benefits.

 According corruption provides for administrative and criminal liability.


Preparation of anti-corruption programs for enterprises

20.04.2017 15:54

 Anti-Corruption Program is a legal entity set of rules, standards and procedures for identifying, combating and preventing corruption of the legal person. (Art. 62 of the Law of Ukraine «On Corruption Prevention»).



20.04.2017 15:51

  E-Declaration is one of the mandatory elements of the public service.

  Violation of terms and filling in the E-Declaration is to bring the person to administrative responsibility and making information about it in the register of persons who committed offence associated with corruption. Filing declaration, a number of contentious issues, the answer to which is not always possible to find in the legislation. However, to date anti-corruption legislation has significant amounts, other than the Law of Ukraine «On Corruption Prevention» is the number of Subordinate explanation and other regulations governing the declaration. In view of this, each may have questions about the accuracy and appropriateness of bringing information to the electronic declaration.