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Keeping personnel records


  • Restoration of personnel documentation;
  • Registration of reception and dismissals of workers, creation of orders;
  • Filling of labor books
  • Maintenance of the time sheet and schedule of holidays;
  • Staffing, staff cards.

How it works?

  • Order of service 
  • Obtaining accounting consultation and document analysis
  • Timely formation of personnel documentation.

Expert opinion:

Personnel records management – an integral part of employment relations. This is quite a labor-intensive and highly specialized area, which requires special skills and knowledge, great perseverance, accuracy, thorough examination of documentation.

We take care of all the functions related to the preparation and execution of personnel documents, personnel support in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, ensuring the full maintenance of the personnel records management of the client company.

Personnel clerical work is often conducted with significant violations of the law. Therefore, during routine and unscheduled inspections, companies are forced to pay heavy fines. The proper conduct of personnel records management, and in certain cases, the restoration of personnel records, is necessary for the normal functioning of the organization.

Errors in the personnel documentation lead to a discrepancy between orders, employment contracts, electronic database, vacation schedules, personal cards, the lack of registration or incorrect recording of holidays that have been vacated – and, in the end, to incorrect calculation of wages, improper reimbursement of travel expenses, etc. In this case it is important to ensure that the personnel records comply with the current legislation of Ukraine. It requires full correspondence in the numbering, the dates of the documents, so that all documents on holidays, business trips, payroll payroll records have been properly drawn up, labor protection requirements are met, and workers are familiar with them. Otherwise, the company can not avoid claims and imposing fines.

The terms of rendering services for the restoration of personnel documentation depend on the number of employees and the number of years for which restoration is necessary.



Notional prices:

Reconstruction of personnel records Keeping personnel records
quarter year
from 2500 UAH from 1800 UAH from 6000 UAH
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