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The cadastral number of the land plot is an individual digital code (number) of the land plot, which is not repeated throughout the territory of Ukraine, is assigned to the land plot at the time of its state registration and is stored after it throughout its existence.

What is a cadastral number for?
According to the new legal rules, the cadastral number is assigned to a particular land plot so that the owner can donate, issue an inheritance, sell or otherwise dispose of it, sell a dwelling house, building or structure located on the land plot.
In case of transfer of ownership of land from one person to another, the cadastral number does not change. In case of division or merging of land, a new cadastral number is assigned.
It is important to know that in order to draw up a contract which provides for the acquisition of ownership of a land plot, dwelling house, building or structure, the land plot must be assigned a cadastral number.

In the case of inheritance of a land plot that has not been assigned a cadastral number (pink state acts for the right of private ownership of the land of the 1993 sample), the notary issues a certificate of inheritance right without extracting from the state register of land plots and without a cadastral number, since at the stage of issuing the said the certificate is not yet acquired by the heir to the land.
 Such a right will be acquired by the heir only after the state registration of the land plot (with cadastral number assignment) and the marking by the territorial body of the State Land Committee. When assigning the land plot to the cadastral number and ordering the relevant land management documentation, either the owner of the land plot or the legally recognized heir who he becomes after the issue of the inheritance certificate must apply.

Author: Nikolay Baranovsky

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