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Then you urgently need a lawyer!

The accused of robbery must be imprisoned and the term varies from 3 to 15 years. They can also seize property. The sentence increases with the following factors:

– The act was committed by a group of conspirators or a person, having already committed a similar crime.
– There was an invasion of another’s home / other premises.
– There was an encroachment on the victim’s life and health, or there was a threat.
– The stolen has a particularly large size.
– The distinction between robbery and robbery

 Unlike robbery, the robbery uses violence (or its threat). Consider the following examples:

The man was taken away with a wallet and punched in the face. It’s a robbery.
The offender again took the purse, but this time he had a knife in his hands. Or he said “come on money or kill”. A robbery with a knife, unlike a fist, can be killed already. The threat to life was heard – the article became more serious.
  You need a lawyer to distinguish one from the other. Better yet, if he is a professional lawyer. Contact us for professional help.

  Robbery is considered the most serious of crimes against property, as it is combined with criminal acts against the individual. For this reason, it cannot be unfinished and is considered completed from the first moment of execution. This is reflected in terms of punishment. If for robbery imprisoned for years for 2, then for robbery already for years 3-4.

Protection Strategy

  All criminal cases are individual, but most often the right tactic will be to seek re-qualification of the robbery charge. To do this, you must challenge the presence of the weapon, obtain the qualification of bodily injury as safe for health, etc.

  All this must be done at all stages of the pre-trial investigation. And this is exactly what the lawyer does. Very seldom does one get into a pre-trial detention center for robbery and go innocent. The question is, for what period – for 2 years or for 6 years? Seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Ideally – from the first day of arrest.

  If you need protection, we are ready to help you anytime.

Author: Andrey Kubov

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