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Andrey Prikhodko – Director of Law Company “PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS” at the International Conference on Asset Recovery Juta Strike – Deputy Chairman of Anti-Corruption Bureau of Latvia.

15 – 16 December, “President Hotel” an international conference on the return of stolen assets corrupt political elite (, conducted by Transparency International Ukraine ( and the Center for Combating Corruption ( The conference was attended by over 30 international experts from around the world, experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the International Monetary Fund.

Today in Ukraine at the legislative level has all the necessary tools to those who are abusing official position, do not remain unpunished. Assets that are illegally appropriated officials or owners of failed banks – this is money that should be used for the benefit of the Ukrainian people – for economic development and strengthen the welfare of each family.

The aim of the organizers – to break the deadlock in the investigation of criminal proceedings against Yanukovych and his associates, and in proceedings concerning failing banks.

Chairman of Transparency International global movement Uhas Jose during his visit to Ukraine in June noted that work on the necessary refunds former president and assured that they will help the Ukrainian law enforcement to do so.

Participation in the Conference on Asset Recovery took more than 30 international experts from the US, EU, Switzerland, UK, the Netherlands, Romania, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the International Monetary Fund, the International Centre for Asset Recovery of the Basel Institute of Governance and al., a preparatory conference was a platform for the Ukrainian authorities to participate in the global forum on asset Recovery, announced in the 2017th year of former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Andrey Prikhodko participated in job training modules for Ukrainian law enforcement officers, investigators and prosecutors’ investigation of the offense “illicit enrichment” and the return of assets. “The stranger AA drew attention to the training module imperfection provisions of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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