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 The Law Company “PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS” is one of the best in the field of judicial practice, taking into account the following:

 Services of a lawyer in criminal cases in Kiev 

 Unfortunately, every day the courts deal with criminal cases of different severity categories: murder, robbery, official misconduct, fraud. In life, no one is immune from not being in the role of a suspect, accused of committing unlawful acts, or acting as a witness or victim. 

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   An attorney for criminal cases in Kiev has the right to intervene at any stage of the process, however, the mistakes made before entering into a case are much more difficult to correct than preventing them.

 Timely recourse to a lawyer in criminal cases is one of the key components in achieving a positive result in a case.






  The fate of a person depends on the competence of a lawyer in criminal cases, his experience as a lawyer, it is also of paramount importance whether the lawyer has experience in law enforcement, as it gives you the opportunity to know the specifics of the work and pressure methods that law enforcement representatives often use bodies to achieve the desired result.

 As practice shows, in most cases, the accused or suspect is subjected to all sorts of pressure and intimidation, in every way violating his rights. If you hire a criminal lawyer in Kiev in time, you can defend yourself against arbitrariness.

 ≽ Assistance to a criminal lawyer in Kiev

  A good criminal lawyer, after signing a client protection contract, will accompany the client during investigative measures (interrogations, confrontations, meeting witnesses), closely monitor the client’s rights and take the necessary legal actions to:

✔ prove the innocence of a person

✔ reduce the sentence for the crime committed

✔ achieve acquittal

✔ change the status of a participant in a criminal case

✔ to achieve re-qualification of the article to a “softer”

✔ cancel or change the measure of restraint

✔ achieve parole

✔ to appeal and cancel the arrest of property

   Criminal lawyer Kiev must know perfectly the legislation of Ukraine, have a business acumen, as well as legal talent that will help to tip the scales to the client.

  In addition, a criminal lawyer should be able to work with witnesses, have good experience in judicial practice – only a good specialist can protect against unlawful, unreasonable accusations, restrictions on rights and freedoms.

 ≽ Criminal counseling counsel

  The sooner the accused gets in touch with his defense counsel, the greater the chance of a positive outcome – the criminal case needs the help of a lawyer without delay and without delay.

  If a criminal case is initiated, the assistance of a lawyer in criminal cases is often necessary for the opposite party – witnesses, the victim. During the course of investigative measures, the trial, you may be subjected to serious pressure from the defendant, as well as those acting in his interests.

  Criminal lawyer in Kiev, the law firm “Prikhodko and Partners”, can prevent such offenses and support the client at all stages of the trial.

= Cost of attorney in criminal cases =

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