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By far, the most common profession in Ukraine is the profession of lawyer. This is not surprising, because all aspects of life are associated with certain difficulties that can only be resolved with the help of a lawyer, a lawyer.

The salary of a lawyer depends on many factors, namely: legal experience, professionalism of a lawyer, knowledge of foreign languages, the presence of a lawyer’s certificate, as well as the reputation of the place of work where the lawyer works.

Not all of these factors are always the same in one person, so wages are not always appropriate.

In this article I want to talk about additional sources of income.

To date, the lawyer’s online consultations have started to develop very actively. This service is useful not only for those interested in legal aid but also for lawyers as an additional source of income.

There are many different legal advisory platforms, the most common of which are:

– B2B Counlult,

– “Protocol”,

– The Consultant, et al.

B2B Counlult is a legal advisory service.

In order to give advice – to get started, you need to register as a lawyer, a lawyer.

Registration takes place in three stages. The first two steps involve completing personal information and adding proof of education and seniority. The last step is to confirm the site administration within 24 hours.

After that, as the site administration confirms, the lawyer can work. A lawyer can only select categories of cases for which he or she can advise. The minimum price for a consultation is 50 UAH for 1 question. There are three options for lawyers to answer the question. The first option, if the customer asks a question for the minimum cost, ie only 50 UAH. This question is sent to all lawyers. A lawyer who wants to answer this question must confirm his agreement and prepare a consultation at a fixed price within 8 hours (unless a longer deadline is set by the customer). In the second version, the question is sent to all lawyers and one of them, who will offer the most attractive value for the customer, should prepare a consultation at a price agreed with the client within 8 hours (if no longer set the customer). And in the third variant, the client independently chooses a lawyer from whom he wants to consult on the contract value, but not below the price specified in the lawyer’s profile.

If the lawyer provides a lot of advice, he has positive feedback, then he will have more personal consultations.

I believe that this service is useful for lawyers as an extra profit and also an opportunity to get new clients.

The next is the Protocol. This service also provides legal advice of a consultative nature. In order to be able to answer questions on this service you need to register. When registering with a lawyer, a one-time fee of UAH 200 is charged.

Once you have paid the money, you can work. This service is aimed at free legal aid. When answering questions, a lawyer provides legal aid and promotes his services. He may contact the client in person, or the client may call if his services are most profitable. Also, this service provides a directory of lawyers. This is very useful, because the user can choose a lawyer who has a positive rating, a lot of advice provided – and ask him questions.

This service is also useful for self-improvement and for future clients.

And the last one is Consultant. It is a unique legal counseling service for the population.

In order to become a consultant, as in the previous two, you need to register.

It is very easy to register, you need to enter your contact details and scan your education and employment documents. This is then confirmed by the site administration – and you can work.

This service, also aimed at additional earnings for lawyers and the opportunity to get new clients.

Clients ask questions that all consultants see without exception. All consultant questions are free of charge. A lawyer receives 70% of the cost of the issue. The lawyer, whose answer was most pleasing to the client, receives the money. Also, the client has the opportunity to open the contact details of a lawyer with whom he wants to work further to resolve his issue.

Thus, all three consulting services are useful. B2B Counlult and Consultant for additional revenue and new clients. “Protocol” – to advertise its services with the prospect of receiving clients. The development of online legal counseling is gaining momentum today, so sign up and get new career opportunities.

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