Forgot to pay a salary to a laid-off employee? Accountant Tips
Obtaining a Volunteer Certificate
Crime program, August 23, 2019. The expert in the studio is lawyer Anatoliy Perepelchenko
Are you charged with robbery? What shall I do? Lawyer Tips
Crime Program, August 20, 2019. The lawyer in the studio is Andriy Prikhodko
Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine by Territoriality
Created an enterprise: how to notify a director of a job ?!
Do police officers have the right to search you?
Debt recovery
Registration of property rights
Criminal lawyer
(Русский) Услуги ЮК “Приходько и партнеры”
CRIME program of July 29, 2019 Crime. Guests of Prikhodko Andrey and Popov Dmitry
Got into an accident? What to do? Lawyer Tips
We paid for advertising on Facebook with a corporate payment card: how to confirm the costs?
The lie detector is a proof of the case. But can one trust his conclusions?
How to eliminate an individual entrepreneur?
Problem issues of legalization of foreigners in Ukraine
Registration of the property in case of loss or damage to ownership documents
Dekretnitsa out of vacation ahead of time: how to make? What is the benefit?
Fraud in business
How to return the money withdrawn by the customs authorities in the customs control zone?
Grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit
Risks when buying real estate. How not to buy air instead of apartment? Tips for a lawyer.
NBU canceled the mandatory sale of currency for business
Violation of the requirements of financial control by the subjects of declaration and ways of avoiding them
How to register the right to property purchased from public auction (auctions)?
(Русский) Виды деятельности ООО. Нужно ли прописывать виды деятельности в статуте?
(Русский) Проверка гоструда: что нужно знать о последствиях отсутствия документов?
What visas are in Ukraine?
Legal aid costs
Legalization of unauthorized construction
Assistant attorney Denis Kuzik about cancellation of property arrest
Deputy Chief Anatoly Perepelchenko on the grounds for appealing against decisions of state registers
Deputy Chief of Uk “Prikhodko & Partners” on appealing against decisions of the state registrar
Head of the Migration Department Julia Taborsky about the procedure for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine
Chief accountant on how an employee purchased goods for the company at its own expense
Nikolay Baranovsky about registering a land plot, the ownership of which arose up to 2004
Assistant attorney Denis Kuzik on the search procedure
Deputy Chief Anatoly Perepelchenko on the procedure for handling complaints in the field of state registration
Oleksiy Nikitin on the issue and registration of a certificate for protection in Ukraine
Expert on Public Procurement on the Law of Ukraine dated April 19, 2019
Head of the legal department on state registration of the registration of the country house
Lawyer Andrei Kubov about the criminal practice of the law firm “PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS”
Deputy advocate Ivan Ishchuk on the types of declarations, the grounds and the timing of their submission
Head of the Migration Department Yulia Taborskyi on receiving the status of a foreign Ukrainian
Ivan Ischuk Expert on public procurement issues
Chief Accountant Christina Vorozhbitova about the currency declaration
Deputy Head of the Migration Department Oleksii Nikitin on the protection of the rights of refugees
Head of Registration Department Mykola Baranovsky about state registration in new building
Chief Accountant Christina Vorozhbitova about the currency revolution
Tender Purchasing Expert Ivan Ishchuk Discriminatory Tender Terms
Head of Legal Department Andriy Kubov on closing criminal proceedings
Deputy Chief Anatoly Perepelchenko on appealing against decisions of state registrars
Andriy Kubov about the negligence of medical workers and their criminal liability
An enterprise that does not conduct business activities does not pay a salary to its director
State Procurement Expert Ivan Ishchuk on the participants to bid
Head of legal department on registration of real estate on registration of rights to the house
Chief Accountant Christina Vorozhbitova about the management report
Deputy Migration Department Oleksiy Nikitin on obtaining citizenship of Ukraine
Deputy managing partner Anatoly Perepelchenko about actions of participants of an accident
Ivan Ischuk on the tender department in the law firm “Prikhodko and partners”
Alexey Nikitin on the reform of the migration sector in Kiev and the region
Chief Accountant Christina Vorozhbitova about the audit of financial statements
Andriy Kubov about an accident that happened as a result of the poor quality of roads
Mykola Baranovsky about the state registration of ownership in connection with the transfer of real estate
Anatoly Perepelchenko on consumer rights in case of purchase of inappropriate quality of goods
Grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit
Anatoly Perepelchenko on the sale of corporate rights of the farm
Mykola Baranovsky about registration of the real estate built before 1992
Andriy Prykhodko guest of the studio “Direct” from December 21, 2018
Head of legal department on registration of real estate about registration of apartment in new building
Permission for employment in Ukraine
Deputy Managing Partner Anatoly Perepelchenko on persecution of children in educational institutions
Deputy Managing Partner Anatoly Perepelchenko Bankruptcy of an Individual
(Русский) Главный бухгалтер Кристина Ворожбитова о единщика 2 группы, берет в аренду помещения
Head of the Department for Combating Problem Debt on the Participants of the Criminal Procedure
Chief Accountant Christina Vorozhbitova about the certificate of the absence of tax debt
Head of Migration Department Tabarsky Julia on Confirmation of Citizenship of a Child
(Русский) Адвокат Дмитрий Божок об административных правонарушениях
(Русский) Анатолий Перепельченко о пенсионном сборе, уплачиваемого при покупке недвижимости
Kernel partner Andriy Prikhodko about legal assistance
Deputy Head of the Migration Department about the training of foreigners in Ukraine
(Русский) Николай Барановский о государственной регистрации жилого дома
(Русский) Получение постоянного вида на жительство на основании брака с гражданином Украины более 2 лет
(Русский) Начальник юридического отдела Кубов Андрей о мошенничестве
(Русский) Заместитель управляющего партнера Анатолий Перепельченко о принудительном исключении участников по новому закону об ООО.
(Русский) Адвокат Дмитрий Божок про порядок действия родителей при попадании ребенка в полицию
(Русский) Начальник миграционного отдела Алексей Никитин про продление время прибывания иностранцев в Украине
(Русский) Начальник миграционного отдела Юлия Таборских про принятие гражданства Украины
(Русский) Главный бухгалтер Кристина Ворожбитова об инспектировании сотрудников
(Русский) Заместитель управляющего партнера Перепельченко Анатолий о приведении устава в соответствие
(Русский) Регистрация права собственности на земельный участок
(Русский) Регистрация собственного бизнеса
Grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine
Protection tactics for article 130 KUAPAP
(Русский) Мошенничество в Интернете
(Русский) Регистрационные услуги в юридической компании “Приходько и партнеры”
(Русский) Бухгалтерский аутсорсинг
(Русский) Андрей Приходько в студии “Прямого”. Самосуд
Grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.
(Русский) Андрей Приходько в студии “Прямого”
(Русский) Защита бизнеса от давления правоохранительных органов
(Русский) Андрей Приходько гость “Прямого” от 7 августа 2018 года
Attorney Andrey Prikhodko is a guest of the “Criminal” program. Ether from 07/10/2018
Ether T \ n “CRIMINAL” on TK DIRECT from 26-06-2018 Counsel Dmitry Bozhok
Attorney Andrei Prikhodko on the “PRYAMUI” channel, the program “KRIMINAL” broadcast on 17.05.2018
Андрій Приходько гість програми “Кримінал” від 27.04.2018
Адвокат Андрій Приходько на ПРЯМОМУ каналі 24.04.2018 р.
Andriy Prykhodko guest of the Crime program. Ether April 12th
Attorney Andrew Prikhodko on the DIRECT channel
Debt recovery
Lawyer for crime
Migration Services
Registration servises
The election of a new head of the Rivne branch of the NGO «Association of Ukrainian Bar»
Registration of FLP, Ltd
Inefficienty of the E-declaration
Protection in law enforcement