Police officers do not have the right to search you, but they do have the right to conduct a surface inspection. At the same time, the maximum that a police officer is allowed to do is go over the clothes with his hands by a police officer, and accordingly the person being searched must correspond to the gender of the person who is conducting the search (a woman searches a woman, a man is a man).

 Police officers are not allowed to penetrate into your pocket, bag, or hood, however, if such a situation arises, you have every right to refuse to grant permission for the so-called “penetration”. The court does not recognize as evidence the forbidden thing (weapons, drugs) that was illegally found in your backpack or pocket.

 Personal searches should be carried out in the presence of witnesses at the police station during detention. In this case, a protocol is compiled. Be sure to pay attention to what you sign. If the police did not leave, or wrote something unnecessary, then indicate this yourself in the protocol.

 Home, office or any other residential or non-residential premises with a search may come only on the basis of the decision of the investigating judge. When reading the text of the Resolution, pay attention to all the details, and if you find any errors (your last name or first name is spelled incorrectly, the street name or room number does not correspond to reality), then in this case you can immediately prohibit the search by noting the flaws and call the police in order to record this event.

 If all the same, everything is true, then without provoking the police officers you will let them into the house, you, in the presence of witnesses (by the way, you have every right to invite your witnesses) to the camera with continuous video recording can read out the contents of the Resolution, read out your rights, and explain what exactly they are looking, and after that they can begin to carry out the indicated investigative action, and only if you have not expressed a desire for the participation of a defender. The participation of a lawyer will complicate the work of the investigative group that arrived for the search, and will oblige them to adhere to the law and principles of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine.

Author: Andrey Kubov

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