Transmission of statements of individuals and legal persons of other individuals


Transfer of the application is committed for providing the evidence in case of litigation and the need for a legal confirmation of certain facts or actions.


To provide transfer of the application you need the following documents:

  •  The passport of the applicant;
  •  Applicant’s identification code


Transfer of the application is in the general range of notarial acts. Often such a notarial  act is committed if necessary message co-owners on the future sale of the property for the total realization of the right of pre purchase.


There are also cases of transmission of constituent’s application  to attorney for cancellation the action assignment or landlord’s application to tenant to terminate the lease and release the facility.


Also transfer of the application can be made to collect the founders of economic societies for the general meeting and identifying the issues.


In this context, transfer of the application by the notary virtually eliminates the contesting a specific event or action on the grounds that interested persons was not aware of the intentions of the applicant.


These statements are accepted by the notary to transfer to citizens, enterprises, institutions or organization, provided that the statement has absent immoral or illegal information, or information discrediting honor and dignity.



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