The difference between an extract from an extract

In an entrepreneurial environment, there is often a misunderstanding about what exactly is under the statement and how it differs from the extraction.

The Law of Ukraine “On the State Registration of Legal Entities, Individuals-Entrepreneurs and Public Formations” treats the notion of an extract from the URE as a document in electronic or paper form, which is formed and updated on the results of registration actions and contains information about a legal entity (or its separate subdivision ), an individual entrepreneur. That is, the statement is the result of the registration action, but not any, but only when there is a change in the information that is kept in the accounts of the state authorities (in particular, the fiscal service, the statistics authority or the pension fund).

A document that you can replace an extract, that is, contains information that is relevant at this time – is an extract. The Law understands the latter as a document in paper or electronic form, which is formed by the software of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals-Entrepreneurs and Public Forms on the specified applicant’s search criterion, and contains information from the Uniform State Register, which are relevant at the time of the formation of the extract or for the moment, which is specified in the request, or information about the lack of data in this registry. The information contained in the extract is public, and so anyone can get it, of course, subject to the payment of a certain state duty.

So the mechanism for obtaining this document is very simple. For this interested person it is enough to enter the site of the Ministry of Justice, choose the required date and criteria for the information you need, pay the fee for the provision of this administrative service, and after a few minutes receive the necessary extracts for your e-mail.

Hence, the statement simply contains information about the legal entity or FOP, which was formed as a result of the registration action. It can only be obtained from the director of the enterprise or personally in the hands of the company. The extract is public information contained in the register and is available on request to any person (but it can only be obtained on a paid basis). This information is relevant to the date and time of the formation of the extraction. Getting both of these documents is easy, just taking into account the nuances we have mentioned.

Posted by Nikolai Baranovsky

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