The certificate of powers of attorney

 Power of attorney – is also a contract, but a contract assignment. It is needed in cases where you do not have to personally do the desired action. You, as a guarantor on the one hand and your representative on the other hand, an agreement on the implementation of actions in your best interest.


How many representatives may be in a power of attorney?

Attorneys number is unlimited.

If the power of attorney given on several representatives, the trustee may himself decide how they should act:

  • Independently of each other;
  • All members together.


What can a representative?

  • A representative may exercise only those activities that the trustee have the right to make it by himself;
  • The representative is obliged to carry out operations in the interests of his principal.


Representative prohibited:

  • Prohibited represent the interests of the principal in the commission of acts of a personal nature.


For example, you can not give power of attorney to sign the contract of life maintenance, wills, employment contract, for marriage or representation in the process of adoption.


  • Representative forbidden to perform actions on behalf of the trustee for the benefit of himself or others, he also represents.


For example, your representative can not on your behalf to sell your apartment yourself.


What are the kinds of the power of attorney?


Depending on the amount of representative powers there are two types of power of attorney:

  • general power of attorney (general power of attorney) given for taking any action;
  • Special, including single, gives authority to commit legal acts of a certain type.


Law firm «PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS» consult you in what cases  the notary is needed, and in what cases, a power of attorney can be certified by other authorized persons.


A notary will be required in those cases, if you want to give power of attorney to dispose of property (real estate, vehicles, corporate, etc.). Make power of attorney’s  can any notary regardless of the place of incorporation trustee.


But there are many cases in which notarial form is no need. For example, a power of attorney to receive wages can assure by the workplace.



to certify power of attorney


over 18 years:

  • Trustee passport;
  • Identification code (except certification of power of attorney to order and / or getting an identification code).



to certify power of attorney


age 14-18 years:

  • Birth Certificate;
  • Trustee passport (if 16);
  • Identification code (except certification of power of attorney to order and / or getting an identification code);
  • permission authority of guardianship and custody;
  • a statement of parents, guardians and foster parents consent about extradition power of attorney.



to certify power of attorney

For legal entities:

  • Statute (Constituent contract);
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.
  • Protocol (decision) and also an order about the appointment of the head of the legal entity (if necessary paper on the extension of his term), or power of attorney to attorney entitled to act on behalf of the legal person;
  • Chief’s or representative’s passport and ID code ;
  • The presence of the seal of a legal entity.


The documents to certify power of attorney in each case differ. Consult with a lawyer law firm «PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS».

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