As noted in our previous publications, during the spring of 2019, Operation Migrant was conducted on the territory of Ukraine, aimed at preventing illegal migration, as well as checking compliance of the established rules of stay in Ukraine with foreigners and stateless persons.

Employees of the Central Interregional Department of DMC in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast systematically examined markets, dormitories, entertaining establishments and public catering establishments, railway stations and bus terminals in order to identify violators of the rules of stay in Ukraine. There were a lot of them – 1194 people were illegally on the territory of Ukraine. In relation to them, 1087 decisions were made on forced return, 127 – on reduction of terms of stay, 107 – on forced expulsion outside of Ukraine.

Another 2392 people were brought to administrative responsibility for violating the legislation on the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons. Among them, as citizens of other countries, who neglected the rules of stay in Ukraine, and our compatriots, who violated the procedure of employment, admission to study, housing and foreigners registration and registration. They imposed fines for the amount of UAH 48,683,80.

“Every year, the number of foreign citizens who come to Ukraine to reside increases. Some students use a student channel or a procedure for obtaining refugee status for temporary legalization in Ukraine. For the rest, our state serves transit countries to the prosperous countries of the European Union. In any case, illegal migration threatens the security of the host party, therefore overcoming it remains a priority direction of our service “- explained the head of the CMU of the LCC in Kiev and the Kiev region Vyacheslav Guz. –

According to the results of Operation “Migrant”, Kyiv and the region are leaders in Ukraine in terms of the number of unregistered migrants. It is not surprising – the capital has developed infrastructure, it’s easier for foreigners to find both housing and work. Having analyzed the results of the operation and the migration situation in the Kyiv region as a whole, we outlined a series of measures that will allow systematically to counteract illegal migration and to exercise due control over enforcement of decisions on forced return. “

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Posted by Alexey Nikitin

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