Registration of mass media

Printed mass media (press) in Ukraine are:

Newspaper, magazine, newsletter, compilation, almanac, calendar, digest.

The state registration of print media, depending on the scope of distribution and consideration of applications on other issues, is carried out by the following registration authorities:

• National, regional (two or more oblasts) and / or foreign scope of distribution – by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
• Local area of distribution – the main territorial departments of justice.


Such information is required for registration:
  • founder (co-founders) of the edition;
  • type of publication;
  • title of the publication;
  •  language of publication;
  • sphere of distribution (local, regional, national, foreign) and readership categories;
  • program objectives (basic principles) or thematic focus;
  • the expected periodicity of the issue, the volume and format of the publication;
  • the legal address of the founder, each of the founders and his (their) bank details;
  • whereabouts.



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