One of the grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit is the employment of foreigners and stateless persons.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Employment” employers have the right to apply the work of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of Ukraine on the basis of permission.

An employer receives permission for the following categories of persons:

– seconded foreign workers;

– intracorporate cessions;

– foreigners and stateless persons in respect of which a decision has been made to issue documents for resolving the issue of recognition as a refugee or a person in need of additional protection.

 The special categories of foreigners and stateless persons who apply for employment in Ukraine are:

– foreign highly paid professionals;

– founders and / or participants, and / or beneficiaries (controllers) of a legal entity established in Ukraine;

– Graduates of the universities included in the first hundred in the world rankings of universities in accordance with the list determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

– foreign workers of creative professions;

– Foreign IT Professionals.

Permission is issued for the term:

  • the labor contract (contract), but not more than three years, for special categories of foreigners and stateless persons,
  • the validity of the contract (contract) concluded between the Ukrainian and foreign business entities, but not more than three years – for seconded foreign workers;
  • actions of a foreign business entity to transfer a foreigner or stateless person to work in Ukraine and a contract concluded between a foreigner or a stateless person and a foreign business entity, for transfer to employment in Ukraine – for intra-corporate cessions;
  • the labor contract (contract), but not more than one year, for all other foreign hired employees.

An authorization can be continued for an unlimited number of times.

The professionals of the Migration Department of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm will help you prepare and obtain a work permit, as well as a temporary residence permit.

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