Property Check

Why do you need to check the property before buying and why should you contact us directly?

Incorrect registration of legal relations in the real estate sector can lead to loss of the desired object: apartment, house or land with simultaneous loss of funds.

Based on modern realities, in matters of property purchase, you need to be extremely careful.

It should be remembered that problems are better and less costly to warn than to solve them. Involvement to accompany a real estate lawyer who specializes in this area will help check the developer, substantially minimize the possible risks in acquiring real estate, carry out a thorough inspection of the new building, and protect the rights and interests of the buyer most fully. The team of our lawyers for real estate under the force of the problem of any complexity!

The test of the developer is carried out in three stages:

1) Data collection

From all possible sources specialists of our service accumulate an array of information about the developer and the object of construction: the judicial and financial reputation of each construction company, the history of their activities. We create a dossier that includes information from state registries, information from legal documents, permissive declarative and technical documentation.

2) Research

By filling out the dossier, the specialists begin to study the information, compare it and confirm the authenticity. As a result, we will provide a written statement of legal expertise regarding the degree of risk of buying an apartment.

3) Maintenance of the transaction

If the service lawyers safely agree on the transaction, and all documents are checked and adjusted – we will accompany the “turnkey” agreement.

The correct design of the apartment – a key to a long and happy life. Our real estate lawyer will tell you what to know when buying an apartment, how to check an apartment before buying, will help in the registration of the sale of apartments. Only a real estate lawyer knows all the nuances and “pitfalls” of similar deals. Order legal support for real estate transactions at the Prikhodko & Partners law firm. We have collected the best lawyers and real estate lawyers.

Posted by Nikolai Baranovsky

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