One of the grounds for a stateless person or a foreigner to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is a foreign investment in the Ukrainian economy in a foreign convertible currency for a sum not less than one hundred thousand dollars.The immigration permit is granted within the limits of the immigration quota, in accordance with Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration”.

Answers to questions that arise when investing in Ukraine: How should a foreigner or a stateless person make a foreign investment?
In order to optimally make a foreign investment in the Ukrainian economy – it is necessary to create and register a legal entity in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Or to make a share in the authorized capital of an already operating company.  In what currency is a foreign investment? You can invest in a foreign currency, which is recognized as convertible by the National Bank of Ukraine, the most common ones are the US dollar and the euro. The hryvnia for the investment will not fit. As according to the Law on Immigration, it is a question of a foreign convertible currency. The same applies to other forms of investment. Shares and corporate rights – although they qualify as an investment, but are not the basis for obtaining a certificate.In order to make an investment in the future, a foreigner or stateless person needs to open an investment account with a bank in Ukraine. The opening of this type of accounts is governed by the Instruction approved by the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine How is foreign investment practiced in practice? And what confirms this?According to paragraph 1 of the Resolution of the NBU Board “On Approval of the Classifier of Foreign Currencies”, convertible currencies are those that are widely used to make payments for international transactions and currencies of the European Union member states (US dollar, euro, zloty, yen, pound sterling, Czech crown, etc.).

That is, a non-resident must make an investment in cash in foreign currency equivalent to not less than 100 thousand US dollars (according to the official NBU rate on the date of the investment). Although the legislation abolished the mandatory state registration of foreign investments, it is always necessary to obtain a certificate from the bank on the receipt of funds. Banks and their separate subdivisions (branches, representative offices, branches) issue a person without citizenship or a foreigner a certificate on the receipt of foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine.

The certificate contains information on the receipt of the investment into the relevant account in the form of a foreign convertible currency (made by a stateless person or a foreigner), in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars. The investment must be made in the economy of Ukraine. Sign the head of the bank (or its separate subdivision: branch, branch, representative office). Also, the date of issue and the number must be indicated. The certificate is verified by a seal and is valid for six months from the date of issue.The term for considering an application for an immigration permit can not exceed one year from the date of its submission.  Is the purchase of housing in Ukraine an investment that gives the right to obtain a permanent certificate? Foreign citizens who wish to receive a residence permit on the basis of investments erroneously consider that the purchase of housing in the territory of Ukraine for the amount of 100 thousand US dollars grants a right to permanent residence.However, this is not the case. By how much an apartment purchase is an investment of money for personal needs which is not aimed at the development of the state’s economy, such an investment will not be considered an investment, and therefore it will not give the right to obtain a permanent residens. 

In order to make investments without any problems and obtain a permanent residence permit and to be sure of the positive decision of the Migration Service, we advise everyone to apply to the specialists of the Migration Department of the law firm “Prikhodko & Partners” for consultation and preparation of all documents.

Under the joint sponsorship of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS Managing Partner Andriy Prykhodky and Head of Migration Department «PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS» Yulia Taborskyh.

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