Permission for weapons


According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, all citizens can use weapons, any object or other means to protect themselves in case of attack or invasion of their home or other premises.



For legal reasons all Ukrainian may have only smoothbore hunting (21 years), rifled hunting (25 years old) and pneumatic weapon (18 years). Such weapons can be worn not only charged!



Today in Ukraine there is no law on weapons, everything related to it is controlled by the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs №622.



Issuance of permits for the acquisition of weapons of registration and re-registration exercise units permit the MIA of Ukraine. For permission to purchase weapons should prepare the following documents:


  • Statement of authorization for the purchase of weapons to the head of the internal affairs residence of the applicant (to be filled in the Department of permit system MIA).
  • Card application form (to be completed in the Department of permit system MIA).
  • Medical certificate form number 127 / o. Complete its cost – an average of about 160 USD, depending on the clinic. Medical certificate is valid for three years. The roots of all payment services should be kept.
  • A certificate of no criminal record. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of issuance costs 90-100 USD, a private law firm can be ordered remotely delivered for 150-200 USD. Giving require 1 to 12 days.
  • Compulsory insurance of civil liability for damage that may be caused accidentally to third parties. Insurance for three years will cost around 50 USD.



Those who buy weapons for the first time, you must be licensed rifle courses MIA program in one of the infantry sports clubs, “Society for Promotion of defense of Ukraine.” Courses will cost about 200 hryvnia, and their end will be given a certificate of study material of weapons.


You also need to pay the cost of the permit system services (about 50 USD) provision of appropriate receipts.



The procedure works:


The deadline for registration: 10 days.


Cost of services:


Turnkey citizens $ 500
If the official reason $ 300

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