Optimization of taxation


Tax optimization – activities implemented by the taxpayer to reduce tax payments.



The main task of financial management – financial optimization, ie the selection of the best ways to manage financial resources and attract external funding.



Classification of taxes with a view to optimizing



Classification repelled by the provisions of the tax on the cost of:


  • Taxes that are “inside” the cost. Reduction of taxes leads to lower costs and increase income tax. As a result, the effect of minimizing these taxes are, but it is partly suppressed the increase in income tax.


  • Taxes that are “outside” the cost (VAT). Minimizing the payment of VAT is not only to minimize the revenue (which paid VAT), but also to maximize the VAT, which is a credit (VAT paid all suppliers chain) and compensated by the company.


  • Taxes that are “above” the cost (income tax). For these taxes should strive to reduce rates (by replacing the legal entity or the physical jurisdiction) and formal reduction of the tax base. It is possible to increase taxes “inside” cost.


  • Taxes paid on net income. For those seeking to reduce tax rates and tax base.



What optimization and optimization techniques which are taxes?



Tax optimization company can be carried out using different methods in different areas of the organization and the enterprise. It may be:


  • Optimization revenues and expenses, including costs for employee salaries and other social payments;


  • optimal allocation of income and expenses between the parties holding group, etc .;


  • optimization of the tax burden under the agreements concluded (with the signing of supply contracts, leasing, storage, agency agreements, etc.), including through proper choice of the subject of the contract, rational structuring of business transactions;


  • maximum use of tax exemptions and tax incentives;


  • exercise of the option to postpone or extend the payment of tax liabilities;


  • using offshore (opening accounts, transactions, registration of business entities).





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