Issuance of the certificate of inheritance




  • Identifying documents heir;
  • Death certificate of the decedent;
  • Information on the cause of death;
  • Document confirming the last place of registration of the testator (the place of opening the inheritance);
  • Will the presence.


PAY ATTENTION! The presence of hereditary heirs to open the case – is necessary.


Only after death the heirs are entitled to accept or refuse an inheritance from her.


The inheritance is on the one hand and other assets – debts. Unable to accept the estate, but to abandon the debts. If you accept the inheritance, the only all together – and property and debts.


It is important to know that only a notary can carry hereditary cause. In fact notary selects one of the heirs, who came to the notary to open a genetic cause. All other heirs will join the existing business.


In some cases, you need to contact us?


Often notary come six months after the death. And in most of these cases it is already too late.


If you were registered at the same address with the dead, you are supposed heir who actually accepted the inheritance.


But if you lived separately, you need a notary required. And then the most important thing is not to miss these 6 months, during which you can take possession. This period begins with the death of the testator. If you miss these six months, then most likely you will have to go to court to renew the term.



Certificate of inheritance: who to contact?


Probate cases can lead any notary.


Reform of the Notaries in Ukraine equalized the rights and status of public and private notaries. Thus, no matter which notary public (private or public) completed documents, they all have equal validity.


As a general rule hereditary start right at the place of registration of the last of the testator. This means that if the testator was registered in Kiev, then you need to apply to a notary Kyiv City Notary District.


Sometimes it happens that people had no official place of registration or address at which only appeared in accounting and had no time to register the new location. Then legacy opens where real estate is dead. If some of these properties, the heir at will can choose the place of hereditary cases.


If you can not confirm the place of opening the inheritance, you must first go to court to establish such a place.


Note: notary for notarial actions may require additional documents. The above list is illustrative documents. But a lot of situations, so understanding should apply if another notary requests any documents.


Hereditary case always very individual. Therefore, in each case, property division will be based on all relevant legal facts.

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