The construction of a residential building should be carried out on the land plot designated for it. In this case, the land should be owned by the developer or be in use. Also, it is necessary that the land plot has a cadastral number. To obtain a certificate about it, you must submit the following documents to the Land Administration:

– A document confirming the ownership of a particular plot of land;

– An extract from the State Geocadaster about the fact of assigning a section of the cadastral number.

Before the start of the permit for the construction of a residential building, it must be ensured that the land plot has a suitable purpose.

The permission for the construction of a building on the site in 2019 requires the construction of a building passport at the State Architectural and Construction Inspection (DABI). The presence of such a passport exempts the developer from the need for urban planning conditions and restrictions. However, such a document will be issued only for the construction of a house with a height of more than two floors (plus mansard floor), an area of ​​not more than 500 sq. M.

  To obtain a passport, you must submit the following documents:

Application for the issuance of a building passport;
A certified copy of the document on the title to the land plot or the right to use it for construction;
Previous sketch of the future structure;
Copying from the master plan of the land plot.
It is also necessary to obtain technical specifications that contain the basic requirements that future engineering communications have to meet. That is, water pipes, sewage, wiring, heating, gas supply, etc.

It is also worthwhile to know that the technical conditions obtained for the construction of a particular object are valid until the end of construction and can not be changed without the consent of the customer.

Simplified procedure for building permission in 2019 allows a quick start of construction work. To do this, you must submit to the GABI a notice of the start of construction work, which contains information on the building passport, and wait for a notification about its registration. From this moment it is possible to proceed to direct construction works. It should be added that the term of the permit for construction is 3 years from the date of its registration in the DABI.

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Posted by Nikolai Baranovsky

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