Disputes with insurance companies


The insurance recently enjoyed most people. Along with the increase in customers and increased the number of insurance companies that carry out their services and illegally poorly. Especially, many insurance companies go bankrupt and go into liquidation procedure.



To prevent such problems in the insurance and not be in error, you should carefully read the insurance contract and to know their rights in this area.


In violation of the agreement most people can not protect their own interests, so in this case, better to turn to a lawyer for insurance claims.


Insurance cases occur when the event occurs, then the insurer is obliged to conduct the operation for the transfer of insurance payments to the insured person.



Law firm «PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS» provides the following services:


• Consultation lawyer legislation on insurance;
• Help a lawyer in disputes with insurance companies;
• Preparation of written legal opinions on insurance disputes;
• Preparing, claims to insurance companies;
• Representation and protection of client’s interests in negotiations with insurance companies;
• Collecting evidence, information and preparation of documents to collect money from the insurance company in court;
• Protection and litigation in disputes with insurance companies;
• Preparation of objections to claims, representing the defendant in court;
• Dealing recourse for the recovery of payments.





We can help you get the insurance payment in case of:


  • collecting money to restore the vehicle to the insurer;
  •  collecting money from the wine after repair in an accident if the insurance payment amount is not enough to recover the vehicle in full;
  •  the recovery value of the car in its complete destruction;
  •  recovery of funds from the insurer or the person responsible for the treatment of road accident victims in the accident.



Cost of services is determined individually based on the complexity of the case.
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