Certification of fact finding of the physical person in a certain place


To verify the fact that a citizen is in a certain place, the person concerned should apply to the notary and submit documents confirming his identity.


Upon the performance of this notarial act, the interested person is given a certificate of the established type.


Who can apply to a notary for evidence of facts?


The establishment of the fact of the citizen’s being in a certain place can be carried out by a notary solely in relation to an individual.


On the establishment of the fact of the presence of a citizen in a certain place, then such an action may occur in order to confirm the location of an individual to give him legal force and significance, namely in the following cases:


  • In order to establish maintenance obligations, that is, confirmation of the child’s location at the place of residence of one of the parents;
  • As evidence in litigation;
  • As evidence of the fact of permanent residence with the testator at the time of opening the inheritance;
  • To confirm the fact that a person who is in a helpless condition is at the place of residence of the person, it is held;
  • For the refutation of a person’s information that his location is unknown in case of presentation in court of an application for recognition of his missing or announcement dead;
  • To provide an alibi;
  • To confirm the circumstances of non-fulfillment by the persons of the undertaken obligations, for example, failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of the terms of the deposit agreement;
  • According to the provisions of the Civil Code, the certification of the fact that a citizen is in a certain place can not be committed with the participation of a representative.



The exception to this rule are the following cases:


  • When establishing the fact concerns a minor child, an incompetent natural person, then on behalf of such persons their legal representatives act – parents, guardians, adoptive parents;
  • When the fact is established in relation to a minor child, as well as an individual whose civil capacity is limited, certification of the fact occurs with the consent of the legal representatives.



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