Certificate of authenticity of copies (photocopies) of documents and extracts from them

In order to witness the fidelity of a copy, enough the verbal appeal to the law firm «PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS» .


This person should have:

  • The original or certified copy of the document from which he want to copy.
  • A document proving identity (passport or other document by which to establish the identity, service certificate, driving license, seaman, the disabled and others.).


Notaries have the right to testify fidelity copies or extracts from them under the following conditions:

  • The document does not contradict the law in content and form.


  1. This means that the document should be no erasures, additions, arbitrarily amendments, crossed out words, entries in pencil.
  2. The document must have a clear text that can be read, clear-cut print imprint.
  3. The documents outlined on several sheets must be bound, signed and sealed by the person who issued it.
  4. If notary has any doubts in document original, he can delay it and sent for examination to test.


  • A legal significance of the document.


  1. This means that the presented document  should be relevant to the further implementation of the rights and interests of stakeholders, i.e. create certain legal consequences for citizens.
  2. In this context, can not be certified copies of documents issued by religious institutions (eg, certificate of baptism, wedding and so on.) Because under the Constitution of Ukraine the church is separated from state.
  3. However, the expiry of the document is not an obstacle to the assurances it up. Since it may contain evidence of the past, which at the moment have a legal value.


  • Documents must be issued by legal entities or the individual’s signature on the document must be certified by an authorized person.


Individual cases of witness of fidelity copies of documents:

  • If you need to certify a copy of a document issued by the registrar, for use abroad, you must first legalize a document (apostille stamped or receive consular legalization), and then turn to the notary.
  • If you need to certify a copy of the will, that apply to the notary with such a request can only persons mentioned in the will. With it is necessary to provide a death certificate of the testator.


You can’t certify copies of the following documents:

  • Documents for which issued the original (medical certificate of birth, certificate of death certificate and finding of mental illness and etc.).
  • The writing out of academic information without providing diploma of graduation;
  • Temporary certificate issued by colleges, instead of a diploma;
  • Information about the internship, residency, postgraduate certificates issued in place;
  • Protocol of meetings of examination boards during the candidate examinations;
  • Passes for the passage of the institutions;
  • Certificates of secondment of military personnel;
  • Labor books when traveling abroad citizen as employment records are not subject to legalization and export abroad;
  • Letters entities addressed other legal entity as such documents should be kept in the same institution and not subject to extradition or removal.
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