Dmitry Bozhok – interview on the topic of unauthorized use of electricity

20.06.2018 16:35

A lawyer-partner of “PRKHODKO&PARTNERS” Dmitry Bogozh, 06.06.2018 took part in the morning show on the radio “Promin”, where the topic of bringing to responsibility for unauthorized use of electricity by the population was discussed, as well as the consequences that can occur for the consumer in case of detection of the theft of electric power, interference in the operation of counters, etc …



19.06.2018 14:43

In the preamble of the Law of Ukraine «On Public Procurement» No. 922-VIII of December 25, 2015, this noble goal, namely: ensuring efficient and transparent procurement, creating a competitive environment in public procurement, preventing corruption in this area, developing good faith competition.

All central bodies of executive power, as well as subjects of certain spheres of management in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On Public Procurements», from April 1, 2016, purchase only through the electronic trading system on authorized electronic platforms. Since August 1, 2016, this norm has become mandatory for all customers.


“PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS” canceled the arrest of DFS of Ukraine

18.06.2018 16:09

In April 2018, an illegal search took place at “PRIKHODKO&PARTNERS” client during which the laptop was removed.

Thus, the investigating judge was ordered to conduct a search of the Limited Liability Company. It was seen from the text of this decree that the investigating judge authorized search for the search and seizure of primary and accounting documents on the relationship of partnerships with counterparties appearing in criminal proceedings and draft records on which information on financial and economic relations is stored. The investigator judge did not provide direct permission for the removal of computer equipment, which was seen from the text of the decree.



13.06.2018 10:41

In May 2018 a well-known political figure, a citizen of the Russian Federation, applied to PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS. In connection with the oppression and atmospheric pressure by intelligence agencies, there was a need for urgent protection and exit from the country. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, our state can provide such an opportunity, but the procedure for obtaining all permits is clearly regulated and limited by the relevant terms, so that the citizen – in fact, was deprived of this opportunity.