Authentication of signatures on documents


Terms of signature of the notary:


  • Pidpys can testify only to the original document (ie not – on copies of documents and papers that are not documents);
  • Zmist document does not contradict the law;
  • Documentary witnesses should not have the nature of the transaction, ie signing should not anticipate the emergence, modification or termination of civil rights or obligations;
  • Documentary witnesses should not contain information discrediting honor and dignity.



For services to the certification of a signature of a notary can apply natural and legal persons. The reason may be statements of parent consent to leave the child abroad, statements regarding production of travel documents for children statement of financial guarantees, bank cards with samples of signatures of officials, statutes entities and more.


The essence of notarial acts is that the notary confirms that the signature was made by a specific person. This responsibility for the contents of the document rests on the shoulders of the applicant.


Certification of authenticity of signatures is the most popular service among individuals. Since most citizens can not guarantee the authenticity of his signature on documents that certify the authenticity of signatures required notary who own stamp confirms this fact.



If a person can not physically sign the document (eg, due to chronic joint disease), in which case he may sign for another person.
These facts must be well documented in the notary.




   What is prohibited?
There is a category of circumstances that may be certified only by competent authorities. For example, witness the fact of birth, death or marriage rights bodies are civil registration. Witness the presence of disease or disability are relevant medical institutions.


In these cases, the notary has no right to witness the signature of the customer on the documents, which he claims such circumstances.


Exclusion is possible only if the document is intended for further submission to the competent authorities of another state.


For example, you can witness the signature on the statement of an individual that he / she is not married, if the application is lodged with the Registry Office of abroad.




    List of documents to certify the authenticity of signatures on documents:


  • The passport of the applicant;
  • ID applicant.




      Additional documents:


  • Birth certificate of the child – for certifying the authenticity of signatures on declarations parents consent to travel abroad of minors;
  • Marriage certificate – to certify the authenticity of the signature of one spouse on the request for consent to the disposition or acquisition of property.




To certify the authenticity of signatures on the founding Charter of the legal entity required:


  • The passport of each founder;
  • The identification number of each founder;
  • Charter a legal entity in 2 copies.




The documents to certify signatures entities, including bank card:


  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals – entrepreneurs on the date of the commission of the notary. This extract can be made directly in our office;
  • Charter (memorandum) of the legal entity;
  • The order of appointment, report or decision on the appointment of the head of the organization;
  • If credentials were continued, the additional documents to prove this fact;
  • If the legal entity representative acts on behalf of, the relevant power of attorney;
  • Passport officer or representative;
  • ID officer or representative;
  • The presence of the seal of the legal entity.



In each case it is better to get advice on your case and help in the collection of documents (help in case of loss or lack of documents).

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